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Last Updated: September 28, 2022

I used the exact strategy to make a good amount of money on JackBit.

You can use this sites to find good tips, people are sharing their tips there:
- Bettingexpert
- Sportyradar

Get High Roller Bets

With this method you have a chance to find maybe fixed or insider matches.
Just go to this site: Stake and go to the sports section and scroll down to the high roller tab.
So now look for bets higher than $15k (obviously you can look for higher or lower bets) and just copy these bets at this bookmaker.
I mean if someone is wagering a very lot of money it either means he is fucking rich and can afford to gamble this amounts or he knows more about this game.

Here is an example how I found one bet:


After some time this bet was won 🏆

Just by copying such bets I have made a few grands a week. Of course there were some losses, too. You have to manage your bankroll properly and you will make good profits 🏆

🥇 Method Rating

Note: This strategy requires a proper bankroll management!

9 / 10
10 / 10